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The experienced manufacturing engineers at Cowles Products work with our customers to identify the best material for each job by evaluating many considerations:

• End use for the product
• Product specifications and tolerances
• Color and finish
• UV resistance requirements
• Durability
• Weatherability
• Cost

Our Material Specialties

• Flexible PVC. Various levels of hardness (durometers) are available.
• Rigid and semi-rigid PVC
• DEHP-free Compounds

Never hesitate to ask about other materials. Our experts have been supplying valuable solutions to customer needs for decades.

Cowles Products offers a wide range of standard colors and has the capabilities to match and create custom colors.

Textured Finishes
A range of textures can be achieved during the extruding process or in a secondary operation.

Stablizers and Additives
Ability to add U.V. stabilizers to protect plastic from U.V. rays. Anti-static and antimicrobial agents can also be added.

Our standard laminates include Mylar in Gold, Chrome, Platinum, Carbon Fiber, Wood Grain and Diamond Plate.
Custom laminates are also possible.

Adhesives and Tapes
Capability to add adhesives during the extrusion process.