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7 Amazing Pinstripe Projects using only Pinstriping Tape


Getting your creative juices flowing has never been easier — thanks to scores of options of auto pinstriping tape. The art of pinstriping is using tape to accent and highlight all types of a vehicles lines and curves. The beauty of pinstriping design is each one is unique, creating a supremely personal touch to any vehicle. Since pinstriping designs are so detailed and intricate, no one design looks the same. You can create pinstriping designs using templates with grooves, tape stencils, or the most challenging method, freehand.

Perusing the color options (think shimmering sapphires, luscious limes, and radiant reds) and checking out sizing of tape (you’ll find tiny pinstriping tape from 8/32’’ up to 6’’ in size) is the beginning of a great project brimming with creativity and craftsmanship.

Sprucing up your ride has never been easier, or more affordable, thanks to sturdy, tough pinstripe tape. Standout designs come from solid line, double line, multi-line, and specialty pinstripes — some with reflective properties for safety. You’ll find amazing art in single color and multi-color variations and in various size configurations. Creating killer stripe designs — rocker, hood, and racing — gets a creative boost thanks to scores of rolls of this versatile tape.

Because it’s made from high-performance, automotive-grade vinyl, pinstripe tape is incredibly strong and malleable, making any pinstriping design project a creative treat. Vinyl pinstripe tape can be as simple as straight lines to intricate swirls and curves. One area of auto pinstriping gaining momentum is the two-color striping with a thin, one-eighth-inch band and a one-sixteenth-inch band. Artists seem to gravitate towards two-color applications as it adds a certain sleekness to design, and it makes colors truly stand out. Both single-line-stripe and multi-stripe varieties and can be used to create unique designs, as seen below.


In this photo posted on Eastwood.com, 1/8″x 36 yard Vinyl Tape was used to create these flowy lines. The gentle curve proves not all pinstriping projects will be razor-straight.

Reflective pinstriping is another way to make your pinstriping designs pop. In this image posted on streetglo.net, a motorcycle and helmet stand out brilliantly — thanks to pearly white and turquoise pinstripe tape. Here, reflective lines give this ride plenty of pizazz and punch.

Often times, less is infinitely more. Check out these pictures from Arizona Pinstriper. A set of classic steelie wheels adorned with tripe, off white pinstriping. These clean lines completely transform ho-hum wheels into something eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind.

If you thought pinstriping tape is just for cars or motorcycles, take a walk waaay outside the box, and right into a pinstriping dream. On ApartmentTherapy.com, a DIYer takes design to a chic level by using pinstriping tape to revamp a square table. Using both 1 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch tape, perfect lines create an edgy, yet unmistakably modern look. And here, what appears to be an old ice cream truck and, perhaps, a MINI Cooper, get a stripey upgrade with the help of pastel-colored auto pinstriping tape.

Red and white lines get a serious creative boost in this post at Martijn Peeters website, where the pinstriping design features intersecting tape in a quasi-asymetrical triangular shape on the tailgate of a truck.

Lettering is another way to jazz up a car, motorcycle, boat, or bike. In this photo, a pinstriping artist uses hefty red pinstripe tape to create the letter “T”.

Auto pinstriping designs are limitless. From the smallest rolls of tape to the boldest imaginations, the possibilities go on and on. While some artists prefer a conventional or classic look, others may want to keep pushing the boundaries on design approach, style, and execution.

When planning your next pinstriping project, check out Cowles Cal-Stripes Pinstripe and Die-Cut Stripe Designs for a huge array of single color, multi-color, and specialty tape.

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