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How to Choose Door Edge Guards

Selecting the Right Door Edge Guards for your Ride Door edge guards need to do two things: They need to act as a car door protector against nicks and dings, and they need to look good by working with — not clashing against or distracting from — your paint job. Cowles Products offers car door edge …


How to Remove Car Door Edge Guards Without Damaging Your Paint

Door edge guards are designed to protect your car from nicks and dings, so it makes sense that if and when you need to remove one, you want it come off easily and without damaging the paint you installed it to protect. Proper door edge guard removal starts with proper door edge guard installation, which …


How to Install Door Edge Guards

Learn how to install car or truck door edge guards in 15 minutes or less. A chip or nick in your paint is more than just a minor visual annoyance. Even if it’s easy to overlook, the tiny patch of missing paint can lead to bigger problems over time, since metal exposed to the elements …

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