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7 Amazing Pinstripe Projects using only Pinstriping Tape

Getting your creative juices flowing has never been easier — thanks to scores of options of auto pinstriping tape. The art of pinstriping is using tape to accent and highlight all types of a vehicles lines and curves. The beauty of pinstriping design is each one is unique, creating a supremely personal touch to any …


10 Simple Pinstriping Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

Pinstriping designs run the creative gamut — from clean, simple lines adding pop to the tailgate of a pickup truck, to elaborate swirls and curves on a sleek sports car. Pinstriping artists are forever punching up their designs to reflect their passions, and never before have car pinstriping ideas been as dynamic as they are …


Top 10 Eye-Popping Pinstriping Artists

Sleek. Razor-sharp. Fluid. Pinstriping has transformed the way we see cars. Pinstripers hone their craft for years, creating divinely detailed, and perfectly executed designs that make cars, trucks, and boats pop. Pinstriping is the crème de la crème of hot rod design, and these ten artists are leaders of the pinstriping pack: Kafka Designs The …