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How to Choose Door Edge Guards


Door Edge Guards | ProtektoTrim | Cowles Products

Selecting the Right Door Edge Guards for your Ride

Door edge guards need to do two things: They need to act as a car door protector against nicks and dings, and they need to look good by working with — not clashing against or distracting from — your paint job. Cowles Products offers car door edge guards in a range of styles and color options for those very reasons, meaning the door edge molding can complement your existing paint job even as it keeps chips at bay.

When it comes time to pick the right door edge guard, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the choices awaiting you, but you should know that the process is an easy one, and can even be enjoyable. There are generally three variables to consider: shape, size, and color.

Door Edge Guard Shape

This refers to the style of a car door protector, typically named after a specific shape that resembles one of three letters of the alphabet: U, J, or L. Cowles Products carries U- and L-shaped car door edge trim, and it really is a personal preference in terms of what you choose.

Door Edge Guards - U-Shaped | ProtektoTrim™ | Cowles Products The U-shaped door edge guards use pressure-sensitive glue at their center to create a tight seal that allows their sides to hug the edge in need of protecting, like your hand clamping onto the edge of a table. These strips will extend on either side of the door edge.
Tape-On Door Edge Guards - L-Shaped | ProtektoTrim™ | Cowles Products The L-shaped door edge guards are tape-on strips, which use 3M adhesive to stick where they’re needed. Not much of these strips will extend into the inside of the door edge.

Before selecting your door edge molding, examine the edge you want it to protect. Look at how the door or hatch opens, and consider what it might be impacting, and where. Do you want the wrap-around protection and look of a U shape? Or the straightforward line of a 3/8” tape-on door edge?

You should also think ahead about clean-up, for the day you change out your old car door edge protectors for new ones. While both options can be easily removed with no damage to the paint you’re protecting, the 3/8” tape-on door edge adhesive might require more elbow grease—not much, but a bit more.

Door Edge Guard Size

A two-door Civic is different from a large Chevy pick-up. Door edge guards that look proportional on one vehicle may appear under- or over-sized on another. The wrong sized door edge molding might not properly protect your paint, either.

Cowles Products carries three sizes of U-shaped door edge guards: reduced size “U” door edge, full size “U” door edge, and truck “U” door edge. The smallest option is for the smallest cars, and the choices go up from there.

Think about thickness, too, when considering your car door edge guard selection. The 3/8” heavy duty tape-on door edge, for instance, offers more of a cushion against the surfaces that might otherwise nick or chip your paint.

Door Edge Guard Color

This is the most fun variable to consider when it comes to car door edge guard selection. Do you want the door edge guards to disappear and do their job without being seen? Or do you want them to add a new visual dimension to your vehicle? Clear door edge guards can help with the vanishing act, while chrome door edge guards can contribute to making more of a statement.

Looking for something else? There are high gloss black door edge guards, silver door edge guards, and white door edge guards. In fact, when it comes to door edge guards, color match options include a variety of different hues. Reference the ProtektoTrim™ color chart below to find the one that’s the best match for your vehicle out of the available choices. Note that not all color options are available for every type of car door edge trim – clear, black, white, and chrome are standard available colors.

Door Edge Guards Color Chart - ProtektoTrim ® by Cowles Products

To make an even bigger style change, consider the 3/8” tape-on door edge with bead, which is a chrome strip with a black bead that runs along its length, offering protection along with a dual-color look.

As you can see, while you want to be sure that the door edge guards you choose will most effectively protect your paint, much of the selection process comes down to personal preference. Fortunately, once you pick the right door edge guard for your needs and style, it will be easy to install, no matter the choice.

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