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10 Simple Pinstriping Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of


Pinstriping designs run the creative gamut — from clean, simple lines adding pop to the tailgate of a pickup truck, to elaborate swirls and curves on a sleek sports car.

Pinstriping artists are forever punching up their designs to reflect their passions, and never before have car pinstriping ideas been as dynamic as they are today — from whimsical animal depictions to interlocking spheres to bold, two-tones lines — these car pinstriping ideas will have any artist clamboring to stock up on new tape, and bursting at the seams to let their artistic visions soar.

1. Less is More.

A simple pinstriping idea you may never have thought of can be found here, where four separate designs on the wheel bases and the hood of a Volkswagon Bug prove less is wholeheartedly more.

2. Reflective Tape Like Tron

Reflective Pinstriping Tape

Another car pinstriping idea is to use both regular tape and reflective tape (as seen on this photo) to create a kind of translucent, shimmering design that gives these reds and golds deep dimension.

3. Gold Leaf
Pinstriping, Gilding & Leather Craft

Using gold leaf to ramp up this Harley Davidson gave Marius Mellebye lots of creative license. The classic lettering gets a punchy boost, thanks to metallic pinstripe tape and matching paint.

4. Fuzzy & Fun

Pinstripe Bunny

Proving that simple pinstriping designs don’t have to be super serious, this photo of a cuddly-looking bunny uses multiple colors of pinstripe tape — including crimson, bright yellow, and white — to bring it to life. Who said designs had to follow rules? Pinstripe artists find inspiration everywhere.

5. Bats

Pinstripe Bat Symbol by Meta SapientFor Batman aficionado Meta Sapien, creating a bat’s long, winged lines required intersecting red and blue lines, and tons of whimsy. Bonus points for the awesome symmetry.

6. Pinstripe Pinup Models Pinstriping - The Pinball Bike

In a different design, Marius Mellebye used the curvy lines of a pinup model for inspiration, and it took him to place of orange, white, and red — a sympatico of colors and creativity that show pinstriping ideas come from all facets of one’s imagination.

7. The Devil is in the Details

HotRod coupe pinstripeSome devilish inspiration is behind this hot rod coupe pinstripe design, where red and light gold play off each other perfectly — giving this ghoul a wickedly creative grin.

8. Highly Customized Motorcycle Helmets

Unexpected Custom - Motorcycle Helmets - Grunge & Rusted Stardust For those with a strong hankering for a bold, gladiator look, these “Grunge & Stardust” helmets show how brilliant reflective and metallic tape can be. The burnt auburn gold perfectly offsets the silver, and the edgy paint adds extra dimension.

9. Keep it Subtle. Very Subtle.

Simple is often the best, especially when working with such a billowy blue hue. Here, a sleek ride gets a subtle pinstripe design that effortlessly highlights the vehicle’s curves.

10. Keep it Classy

1940-Ford-11-A-Super-Deluxe-48 (Large)

And, lastly, a 1940 Ford Convertible Coupe, with a classic pinstripe design that highlights the vehicle’s beautiful lines and vibrant trim. The intricate, subtle detailing is both effortless and concentrated — giving this classic car the perfect accents to make it shine.
When brainstorming pinstriping design ideas, keep a notebook handy for sketches, and tons of pinstripe tape from Cowles Cal-Stripes, available online and at such retailers as Sears, Kmart, Autozone, Pep Boys Auto, and O’Reilly Auto Parts. The assortment of affordable single stripe, double stripe, multi-color and specialty tape will keep your imagination humming along.

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