Cowles® ProtektoTrim™
door edge guards
Cowles® Products Body Side Molding


Cowles Products is the leading supplier of professional automotive trim and body side moldings. Select below from our full line of quality Edge Trim styles. Choose from black, carbon fiber style or chrome edge trim to enhance the look of your car, truck or SUV.  Edge trim is one of our most popular products and is used to protect edges like doors, hoods and trunks from chips and nicks which over time can lead to rust.

Benefits of Using Cowles Products:

  • Easy to install
  • Flexible around edges 
  • Adds style and protection
  • Trim or cut to desired length
  • Universal fit for almost all vehicles
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door edge guards
Cowles® ProtektoTrim™

Built to Last

Cowles Products is a leading supplier of trims and moldings packaged for the automotive retail market. Our complete line of Cowles Custom™ is proudly manufactured in the United States. The Cowles Custom brand is designed and manufactured with the same quality as our professional brand and packaged in shorter lengths for the vehicle hobbyist and consumer looking to protect their investment while enhancing the look of their vehicle inside and out.

Your Car Your Design

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